Hello, I'm Matt

I have a decade of professional experience with code and design. My portfolio below reviews a few recent projects.

I'm versatile and have years of experience working with web graphics, print, and code.

Learn how I created web ads, booklets, and a WordPress website with custom functionality for my client aNetworks.

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I'm Innovative and developed an SVG background generator.

Learn the story about how I brought an idea to life, launching my first eCommerce service.

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I'm tech-savvy and quickly adapt to overcome challenges.

See my process making this very website, which is my first time building with Webflow.

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I'm a designer curious about how code and design intersect.

Learn about my ambitious plans to develop a suite of web apps that provides customizable, easy-to-use graphics.

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Thank you for reviewing my portfolio.

I can be reached at MatthewLipman@gmail.com