How I created multi-media marketing material for my client aNetworks

The Challenge

Not all projects have a clear trajectory and this marketing effort started with the single task to create a booklet. As the client pivoted his IT business, he has continued to hire me for multiple projects due to my versatile skill set.

The big challenge has been keeping a consistent brand identity as the client's needs have continually changed, but I was able to reference the company's existing logo to create a new, cohesive design language for his new marketing materials.

Creating a Booklet
I was first hired to create a 16-page booklet that explained the IT challenges that small businesses face and how aNetworks could help. Without a style guide, I referenced the current aNetworks website and their logo. I embraced their brand colors, sometimes with full page backgrounds, and used stock images with color overlays in a similar manner to their website.

Page graphics were designed and prepared using Illustrator and Photoshop. The booklet was created using InDesign.

A Second Booklet
My client came back and requested I design landing pages on HubSpot and a second booklet in the same style as the first. I reused page layouts and graphics where it made sense to keep within budget.

36 Web Ads
Next I was asked to design a series of 4 web ads, each in 9 various sizes to promote the booklets. I was provided the text and decided to give each set a distinct brand color to keep the ads attention-grabbing as well as make the brand recognizable. I worked on the smaller sizes first to ensure the content would fit, then I proceeded to rearrange elements, adjust sizing, and add white space.

Website Redesign
Six months into our work I was asked to completely redesign the aNetworks website. I built the website on WordPress using a custom-built template, developed to allow the client's team to make updates. I took advantage of the plugin Advanced Custom Fields to allow flexibility to the layout, while making content edits a cinch. They can additionally blog, create forms, and add PDF resources. There is also a career page that can list their open positions and accept job applications with uploaded resumes.

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"Matt has been a great asset for me as we rebuild our marketing efforts.  His work is timely and on budget.  He is also willing to learn new technology platforms that he may not be familiar with.  Plus, he's an great guy to work with! We plan on continuing to us him in many upcoming projects."
~ Bill Minahan, CEO, aNetworks
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