About Me

You can call me Matt. Creativity runs through my veins, even when I am not at work. I built my first website back in 2003. Ever since, I've been learning how to make powerful designs and brands, for both web and print, using the best tools available from Adobe Creative Suite to WordPress.

My Current Occupation:

Web and Graphic Designer
Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut

My Style:

Clean and functional. Perfect for giving small and large businesses a professional appearance.

Matthew Lipman Professional Headshot

7 Facts About Me

1 I am a superb problem-solver who loves puzzles

2 I have been heavily involved with the Young Professionals of Eastern CT

Chicken Dish

3 My #foodstagram game is delicious

4 I wrote, performed, and self-produced a 10-song album

5 I developed 16 Flash games including a physics-based game

My calculus teacher would be proud

6 Playing volleyball year-round gets my blood flowing

I designed my team's t-shirt

7 I have sworn off plastic bags and bottled water

8 I have been playing the drums for over 20 years


10 Photography